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The Best Fun Games for Download

Playing on your browser can be an extremely difficult experience. While some casual games may be able to function accurately within the browser, most games with more complex specifications require more power in order to render correctly.

Most fun games for PC however require payment before you can start playing them. This is exactly why we love independent developers how are willing to share their work for free.

Super Mario Brothers Crossover

This one is for those of us who love a slice of a nostalgia cake every now and then. Set in the Super Mario Universe, this game has taken all of your childhood dreams and snowballed them into one giant pack. With Link, Samus, Mega Man, Bill R, and Simon, these 8 Bit heroes have all their abilities and work together to reach the end. The background music for each of the characters plays in the background and while this may seem like overkill, the sleek manner in which the collaboration has taken place makes it a great experience. If you're looking for a more classic way to play the game just choose Mario and be on your merry way.

Paradise Paintball

This first person shooter adds together two unlikely factors to bring an extremely gripping game. As the name suggests, you will find yourself in a dangerous situation equaling that of counter strike where you need to defeat your enemies with paintball guns.


What are we going to do tonight? That's right! We're gonna take over the world. Ogame released by GameForge is a text based strategy game where you can build armies and collaborate together with other players to progress. Conversely you may even raid other player's armies in order to gather supplies.

Battle Dawn

Politics, strategy, and warfare are already extremely successful ideas when it comes to game but Battle Dawn stands apart from the rest with their addictive game play. Use military aid, resources, and diplomacy in order to become the Earth's strongest leader.

Quantum legacy

This is perhaps the best free fun games for download available today. This Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game requires you to think on your feet. Whether you're on a single player quest or taking part in an online death match, this game is sure to leave you wanting more with its might space combats. All the games listed here from Mario Brothers to Paradise Paintball offer quite a bit of fun; however, if you are looking for more traditional casino games, check out our website. Here you can find a huge selection of poker bonuses and great gambling websites to try.